Jerry's Banshee Project Page continued

New for 2011, Sedona Bazooka tires and gloss black powder coat for the wheels they mount on.

Valve stem holes in front rims were welded shut. New holes were drilled on the other side of the rims then powder coated gloss black by MTS Inc. in Manhattan. This allowed the rims to be flipped for width. Rear rims are flipped as well but I left the valve stems alone on them. Just have to reach to the inside to air them up.

Left Photo is at Beaver Sand Dunes State Park April 2011. Right hand photo is how it looks as of July 2011. Shredder tires and stock aluminum wheels. These rims were welded and redrilled and flipped for width as well. In August of 2011 these rims were powder coated black as well and pics will be posted at a later date.

Sold fall of 2011.