Keith's Raptor 80 Project Page

Starter gears and clutch housing installed and ready for clutch plates and linings. I had already set the clutch pack clearance so moved on to final assembly.

Cylinder and cylinder head installed and torqued.

Timing chain installed and marks lined up and ready to finish up.

Engine buttoned up and ready to install in the chassis.

Went ahead and installed the new pipe so I wouldn't have to remove brake lever later to install it.

Cleaned up the original pipe and painted it to protect it in storage. Engine lying next to the chassis waiting to be installed.

Engine all in and test fired. As you can see by the pail, the gas was bad and had water in it. This was a nightmare!!

Test fire done and out of the way. The water in the fuel caused some issues so at this point the carb came off and was thoroughly cleaned and kitted. Ran out of time so I finished tuning the carb the next afternoon. The carb problem was the water in the fuel and a float level adjustment for the new float valve. The float height was touchy but I finally got it right. The air mixture screw and idle screw were touchy as well. One little turn either way caused me some serious grief.  So far all the mods were worth it and 4th gear made a big difference. The old engine set up was definitely down on power and the overhaul was needed. Now we will ride around here for a while to break in the engine then off to Beaver Sand Dunes for a couple days of spring break in March.

Couple views of the front wheel spacers. Got the aluminum at The Yard Store in Wichita and whittled these out on the lathe and mill at work. They widened the front 3" (1 1/2" per side)

Couple views of the rear spacers I made. These turned out better than the fronts. They widened the rear 3" as well

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