Jerry's Warrior Project Page

Fabbed up some air scoops to direct air over the fins of the head and jug.

Front view of the scoops and a photo of the decals I had made to put on the scoops and tank.

Next project was to mod some YFZ 450 heel guards and pegs and mount them up.

Cut and modified the YFZ pegs then bolted them up to the original pegs. Once this was done, the heel guard mounts were tweaked  and they were mounted.

Warrior ready for a Thanksgiving 2011 dune trip to Syracuse, KS, Beaver, OK, and South Hutchinson, KS.

Warrior with the stock Dunlop tires that used to be on the Raptor when I got it. The fronts will stay, but soon will have Sedona Bazooka 21 x 11 x 9's on the rear.

The Raptor and Warrior as they looked on December 10, 2011.

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