Miscellaneous riding pictures

Keith's newest ride sitting atop the hill above Tuttle Creek Lake, Manhattan, KS.

Taking it for a spin at School Creek ORV Park, Milford Lake

Cleaning up the mess after the ride.

Keith atop one of the dunes at Little Sahara, Oklahoma September 21, 2013.

Heading back to camp after checking out the new dune overlook tower.

Getting ready for a buggy ride September 21, 2013

Keith's view of me from the buggy.

Hanging out near the South gate back drag strip at Little Sahara. September 21, 2013.

Our little spot in North campground. September 21, 2013.

Sunset from South camp back drag strip. September 21, 2013.

Beaver Sand Dunes, Beaver, OK November 29, 2013.

My dad riding my son's ATV for the day.

Me coming back after a climb on one of the dunes.

Dad taking a break trying to figure where to go next.

Dad catching up out on the back dunes.

Dad had a little mishap coming over a small rise.

Dad getting back on track after his little spill.

Me doing a little jump on the back dunes. Not too many jumps to be found.

Dad had another mishap. Front tire got pulled into a small ditch and he ended up like this.

Me rippin some donuts on Keith's ATV.





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