Miscellaneous riding pictures

First dune trip of 2014. Borrowed this trailer so we could sleep warm. Night temps were in the high 30's.

The setup after we got there. Nice and cozy and we slept well!!

Friday afternoon when we first hit the dunes. 4/4/2014

Saturday morning ride. 4/5/2014

Saturday night after we ate. Keith relaxing by the fire playing his PSP.

Nice day ride at Tuttle Creek ORV Park near Randolph. 4/20/2014 Easter Sunday.

View from his camera. Getting ready to climb that big hill!!

View from my camera same area.

Checking out some of the ledges the rock crawlers climb.

Creek crossing thumbs up!!

Getting Keith's quad down a rough ledge for him.

Exploring on foot between rides.

Deep water crossing. He gets it muddy then sleeps while I wash it later at the car wash.

Sharp looking quad for a kid of 11!!


Waynoka March 27, 2015

Beaver Dunes April 19, 2015


Waynoka May 15, 2015

Waynoka September 12, 2015

Raptor Rally, Waynoka, October 4, 2015

Waynoka October 4, 2015 

Raptor Rally, Waynoka, October 4, 2015

Loaded and ready to head home. Waynoka October 5, 2015

Beaver Dunes August 7, 2015

Waynoka May 15, 2015

Raptor Rally group pic Waynoka October 4, 2015

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