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Wrapped the exhaust with some header wrap to keep the heat away from the air box. Tank installed to test fire and tune the carb.

Exhaust spaced away from air box as far as possible. Test fired and adjusted the carb and it worked great. Now ready for assembly.

Fenders and frame were pretty dirty so they got a thorough hand scrubbing before reassembly.

Silencer re-packed and header wrap painted with the recommended silicone coating to help hold it in place and protect it.. RH photo shows the bent steering stem.

Another view from further back. RH photo shows a frame a guy gave me for parts to replace my bent steering stem.

Bottom mount on the stems were different so had to machine a bushing to make it work. After installing the bushing, everything bolted up and was straight again.

Moving the exhaust over gained clearance for the air box but then it hit the fender. Trimmed the fender for clearance then got the new battery installed.

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