Jerry's Warrior Project Page

Rear fender bolted down tight. RH photo is kind of fuzzy, but shows the spiral baffle I made and inserted into the silncer and tacked in place. It toned it down some but was still loud.

Replacing the upper a-arm bushings in the front end. Made a big difference in the front end.

Bushings done and back on the ground. Fenders in place and making progress.

Hood back on and ready for an oil change.

All back together and ready to ride. Hated the red nerf bar netting so tried to dye it. Didn't take dye very well, but at least not as bright.

Back togther and a quick bath to wash off some oil I spilled and some dirt here and there.

Decided to swap the new tires and black wheels off the Banshee on. Pretty happy with the look with these wheels and tires.

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