Jerry's Off-road Go-Kart Project

A friend donated this seat assembly from one of his old race cars.

Here is the frame welded up and taken back apart to grind and clean up the welds.

The 10" tires were too small and steering became an issue so these 15" tires and wheels were put in their place.

Here is a close up view of the top of the engine plate and the 80 tooth sprocket and hub.

One of the karts maiden voyages. The clutch assembly is a big disappointment and low end takeoff power is very lacking.

My dad taking it for a spin on my parents visit in October 2005.

Steven finally got to ride on New Years day 2006. The kids were disappointed that the little black kart with a 3 hp engine would go faster than this one.

Steven's cousin Mariah couldn't reach the pedals so she had to ride with the boys. She was happy when we were able to get the small kart running with the help of some ether.


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