Jerry's Off-road Go-Kart Project

Her is a front view and Tanner's kart can be seen in the background.

Here is my 13 cubic inch Briggs and Stratton engine. It will soon replace the 11 cubic inch that is on there since it is going on Tanner's kart.

Here is a shot of the tank brace I fabricated and welded in place. Other modifications to the engine included milling the head and block for more compression and porting the intake runner.

I finally got a belt for the torque converter. The converter really woke the kart up on the bottom end and made it so much more fun to drive. It will now spin the live axle in the gravel and dirt.

Here is a back view showing the converter belt alignment and chain. It is hard to see but the chain is to the right of the back pulley.

The chain came pretty close to the crankcase on the engine so I slotted the holes in the jackshaft plate to allow further shimming and alignment of the chain.

Here is a bottom view of the jackshaft plate and the support block that bolts under the bearing housing.

Here is the start of a custom air cleaner housing for the stock carburetor. The filter is an off the shelf mower filter I purchased at O'Reilly Auto Parts.


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