Jerry's Off-road Go-Kart Project

 Finally back together and ready for a test spin.

 I packed the seat with more foam before putting the cover back on..

 I took the kart for a serious ride on March 12 and was very impressed with the performance the torque converter added.

 Better view of the larger brake caliper after final assembly. This fixed the braking issues and works very well.

 On one of my last test rides I found that even though the set screws on the axle were tight, the axle moved an 1/8 of an inch and the chain came off. 

 A friend told me to make a spacer to fit over the axle between the hub and bearing. The last picture and this one show the spacers in place and painted.

I took the wheels to Color My World in Westmoreland for powder-coat. I chose near-chrome for the color and they look similar to polished aluminum. 

I decided to put the 16" tires back on the rear and some new ATV style knobby tires on the front. The knobby tires helped eliminate some of the steering issues.

The axle spacer tubes fixed the issue of the axle moving side to side under load. I added an 8 foot safety flag and the kart is finally ready for some off-road driving.

Thanks to all who helped and contributed to this project. 


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