Project 2005 Raptor 350

Completely stripped the front hubs, drilled and tapped for grease fittings, blasted, painted, sanded the rotors, and reassembled to reach this.

Installation of the finished assembly back on the ATV.

Ready for the washer, nut and cotter key.

Hub torqued up, nut and washer painted, brake caliper bolted back up, and white painted dust shield put back in place. Ready for wheels and back on the floor.

Exhaust header glass bead cleaned and ready for paint.

A few coats of VHT header high heat paint.

Didn't want glass beads in the silencer so I scuffed it with a scotch brite pad.

Several coats of VHT applied here as well.

Head pipe bolted up loosely so silencer could be slipped on.

Silencer slipped on, heat shields installed and tightened.

Original owner had removed the baffle and just left  the open hole.

It seemed to be missing something so I machined an aluminum insert to dress up the opening.

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