Project 2005 Raptor 350

Ok, so I decided to take a shot at putting a cooling fan in my Raptor 350. Here are the components I started with. A Toyo 120mm 12 volt fan and some common wall mount broom clips.

I tapped the holes and used button head screws to mount the clips. You can only use three as shown because the exhaust pipe is in the way.

Make sure the arrow for direction of flow is pointing to the sides you mounted the clips on. I use the clips to make it quick and easy to take the fan off for certain situations.

I bought the rubberized dip and tried to dip the clips in it to protect the frame. A few wraps of electrical tape is more practical. Anyway the fan clips on the frame as shown.

I soldered and heat shrunk the wires to the fan connectors. The negative side I attached to the fender brace mounting bolt. It is not pictured but I used bullet connectors to make it  easy to remove.

This view shows why you can't put the fourth clip on. The exhaust pipe is just too close.

For added insurance I ran a zip tie through the back loops of the clip to make sure the fan wouldn't accidentally pop off for any reason. Amazingly it fits pretty tight.

For the on/off switch I drilled a hole in the lower lip of the gas tank cover and mounted the switch pointing down. I ran the wire along the frame with the existing wiring. At the battery I used a fuse holder and a 10 amp fuse.

Custom labels I made on the CNC mill at work.

A-Arm swap. Added Full Flight +2 arms for 4" total in the front. Also lowered it 1 1/4".

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