Project 2005 Raptor 350

Got these YFZ 450 nerfs from a friend. Didn't think they would work on the Warrior so I repaired them and had them on E-Bay. After months of no sale, I pulled the auction.

I ran it through my head a few different ways and decided I could modify them and make them fit the Raptor. Here is one side with the netting removed.

I cringed, but threw it in the chops saw and cut about 2" out of the center of each side.

Here it is butted together to see what it would look like. In the end I had to cut another 1/2".

Here is the full assembly dummy fit to see what it would look like.

Here is the same setup broken down to show the tubes to hold it together for welding.

As I said I had to cut another 1/2" out of each side. Here the nerfs are dummy assembled on the Raptor for fit. Everything fit so I drilled and tapped each side of the repair and installed a screw.

The screws will hold it together till after it is welded then the screw will be removed and the hole spotted shut.

Here is a view of the steel tube that will have u-bolts come up through from under the frame.

Here is the left side in place and all was tightened up and marked to drill holes. 

I got a little impatient waiting on a friend to weld it so I tackled it myself. Got lucky and it welded ok for my first ever attempt at welding aluminum. 

After sanding and grinding the welds smooth they were then glass bead cleaned to rough them up for powder coat.

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