Project 2005 Raptor 350

Bought this YFZ 450 Blingstar bumper from my friend at the dealer.

Pretty clean nice looking bumper.

I had held the bumper up to the frame and determined how to mount it up. Got some of my billet aluminum and drilled and tapped mounting holes and started whittling in the mill.

Truing up the ends and cutting to width to fit between the upper mounting tabs.

Clearanced the bottom to clear the frame rails.

Running the shell mill down the side to clean it up.

Tapered the bottom and cut a slot in the middle to lighten it up.

Bottom view. All done and ready to debur.

Perfect fit between the upper mounting tabs.

Angle iron lower mounts. A little rough but not for long.

Finished mounts ready for paint.

The only mod I had to do to the frame was drill these holes out for 8mm bolts.

Side view with all the mounts bolted up loosely.

Upper view  with all the bolts loose.

Everything fit so the lower mounts were painted and everything bolted permanent.

Back view of both mounts finished up.

Side view of the finished project.

Front view with everything finished up and ready to go.

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