Project 2002 Raptor 660

Rear fender bolt on and ready for mounting tab repairs.

Left fender mount made and bolted on and riveted to the fender.

Right side done.

K&N filter and outerwear installed in the air box and the box mounted up permanently.

Done for now. Parts ordered July 28, 2012 so I should be able to finish soon.

Cylinder, head, and rocker cover dummy assembled for paint.

I used VHT engine enamel for this part of the project.

Cylinder in the honing machine to bore and hone .020"oversize.

Thanks to Steve Nutsch at Brooks Yamaha, some of the new parts arrived mid-week.

Here are the used parts I needed. Got these from a guy on the Raptor Forums

Three new intake valves and one new exhaust.

New seals installed and valve springs in place. Head is ready for installation.

Carbs all laid out and ready for kits. The orange is stains that would not come off.

Timing chain and flywheel installed.

Stator cover on and buttoned up.

Piston, rings, and shifter showed up so I was able to finish the cylinder to size. Thanks again Steve Nutsch!

Finished cylinder all cleaned up and ready to install.

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