Project 2002 Raptor 660

New drop grab bar for late 2015 mods.

Installed. I had to delete the end bars because the left side was right in line with exhaust.

LED insert installed and wired.

New LED light bar mounted on the bumper.

LED light pods on the bars.

New dash project for 1 1/8" fat bars.

Initial boring for the bars. After I got both sides close, I honed it to finish size.

Back from powder coat and ready for some engraving.

Bar mount base ready to install.

Final engraving and ready to install.

Top view after installation. Light pods installed and ready to roll.

One of the first rides after all the upgrades were done for 2014.

New look for 2015.


Thanks to Harry Hearvey. Without him this project would not have been possible for me. Thanks to Mike Simons at MTS Custom Coating Inc. for the great powder coat work. Thanks to Steve Nutsch at Brooks Yamaha for all the parts needed to finish this project. Thanks to anyone else who contributed to this. If I forgot to mention you, I didn't do it on purpose.

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