Project 2002 Raptor 660

New piston installed on the connecting rod and ready for more parts.

All the parts and bolts laid out for assembly.

Cylinder installed and torqued.

Wiseco 9.9:1 flat top piston installed and ready for cylinder head.

Cylinder head installed and torqued down.

Getting closer and the pile of parts and bolts is getting smaller.

Camshaft and chain installed and timed and torqued.

Rocker cover installed and valves adjusted.

Exhaust installed. Getting lots closer.

Gas tank on and test fired. Fired right up, idled perfect so on to final assembly.

First ride after a short test ride at home.

Plenty of power and torque and no leaks or problems.

New RAZR rear tires on OEM powder coated wheels. Washed and ready for the next ride.

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